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Who is he?!

No one really knows. There are a lot of rumors, but one thing we do know is that Herbie is a burger nerd who emerged from the 80's New Wave scene to tirelessly work on creating the perfect burger, fries, and shakes.

What we're left with are his findings:

1.) Use quality local ingredients. Organic when possible.

2.) Make as much from scratch as possible. For example, all of our sauces and shake syrups are made from scratch. Our fries are hand-cut from Idaho potatoes every single day.

3.) Smash a burger on a hot griddle thin so that it creates a perfect sear, this is called The Maillard reaction. A chemical reaction between amino acids and sugars that makes seared food taste so so good.

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What's Nerdy Sauce?

Nerdy sauce is our custom burger sauce that combines classic burger condiments with a few spices. With out giving the whole thing away, it is mayonnaise based.

Our vegan burger uses a vegan mayo based mix.

Please notify staff of any allergies before ordering.


Herbie also insists that each and every order be made-to-order. That means we don't start cooking your order until you've placed your order.

A lot of fast food chains make a burger and fries in advance and then leave them under a heat-lamp for who knows how long. We do not.

So if there's a long line, it might take a little longer than your typical fast food experience, but trust us, it's worth it.


I ordered and it took longer
then I wanted it to...


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Modifications to menu items (substitutions, subtractions, additions) may delay

your order slightly. In a rush? Order the Double as is.

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